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Apostille Requirements

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What is Apostille ?

There are distinct certificates that are issued as evidence of something. Certification and verification of these documents is necessitated at several levels in commercial and professional life. Certificate legalization is an essential aspect as an legalization on certificate proves the prominence and constancy of the document along with the reliability of your intent to a country. Apostille seal on certificate is necessary when foreign country is a part of the Hague Convention. PEC is well-known for its competence and finesse in the area of offering certificate legalization in India and you just to submit documents to us, we will deliver documents with stamp and signature back to you.


When is it required?

Trademark Apostille is the procedure of obtaining the apostille sticker on the Trademark . It is a part of legalization of the mandated apostille documents so that you can prove the legitimacy of the document and yourself. A Trademark is a idiosyncratic qualifier, often cited as a ‘brand’ or ‘logo.’ Once a trademark is registered, the ® symbol can be utilized with the trademark. A registered trademark is, hence, an insubstantial possession of its holder and the owner has the ability to execute it in the case of misuse. A trademark can be in various sorts, such as logos, words, shapes, sounds and smells, or any coalition of these. Commercial certificate attestation in India is petitioned for international professional causes and many of the corporates look for the best Trademark Attestation service provider in India and to aid all the businesses that we established PEC that renders secure services to its clients.

Correct Document:

We need to make sure you have the right type of document. For example, for a birth certificate or death certificate to receive an apostille, it must be a long-form birth certificate and you must have a Letter of Exemplification from the NYC Department of Health or (the letter comes automatically when you check off “apostille” to answer why you need the birth or death certificate within the Vitalchek system. You need to write “for apostille” on the NYC Health Department application.)

Minor Margin Modifications:

We will need to see the document in advance to make sure there is ample space for the State Department’s grommet (which can sometimes be placed a couple inches down the page) plus our CA notary stamps on the signature page.